Set Me Free

16 Jan 2011

Esther Phillips Set Me Free

Set Me Free album info:

  • Artist name - Esther Phillips mp3
  • Album - Set Me Free mp3
  • Year - 1990
  • Genre- r&b


  • Mojo Hanna
  • I Saw Me
  • Double Crossing Blues
  • Hello Walls
  • Some Things You Never Get Used to
  • Let Me Know When It’s Over
  • UPS and Downs
  • Cheater Man
  • When A Man Loves A Woman
  • Fever
  • When Love Comes to the Human Race
  • Try Me
  • I’m Sorry
  • Somebody Else is Takin My Place
  • Catch Me I’m Fallin
  • I’m in Love
  • Brand New Day
  • Just Like A Fish
  • Tomorow Night
  • Some Cats Know
  • Set Me Free
  • All God Has is us
  • He Knows
  • A Woman Will Do No Wrong
  • Crazy Love

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Set Me Free [Noiseporn Release]
In addition to Bollywood you get the title track of the EP Set Me Free which works fittingly in either a Indie Dance / Nu Disco setting or Electro House anthem filled show. Enjoy! More Information on Noiseporn Records …

Just could sit by and listen and smile. Set Me Free
The confusion in me when i stare at myself in the mirror. I said to them, nah, i am not the type of person who will be sad even if it's a rejection. And one of them replied you never know leh. You might be really depressed. …

It is HQ Music: Gregory Isaacs - Set Me Free [Vinyl Rip 1991]
Gregory Isaacs - Set Me Free [Vinyl Rip 1991]. Tracklist: Side 1: Stocktaking Set Me Free Why Keep Me Waiting Falla Falla Wailing Rudie Side 2: Thinking I'm Hooked Storm Tumbling Tears Download: …

Listen: Murder Mark and Friends, Set Me Free | Noise
At this point, giving old Motown hits the club treatment is pretty much played outand nobody's ever gonna top DJ Technics' Mr. Postman anywayb…

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